HELLO! I’m Ali. My friends call me bALIboosta. Why? Because I’m a modern day ‘baleboste’. Huh? The name originates from the Yiddish, meaning “mistress of the house”. Calm down, I’m not running a brothel. I do however, open my fridge, warm my stove and fill the bellies of the people I love. I believe in strong family values, am known as a somewhat gracious hostess amongst my peers and happen to be a jew (culturally not religiously – please, me, kosher?), so felt the name was somewhat fitting.

Whats cookin’ good lookin?

The baliboosta food philosophy is simple: spreads. I have learnt, everyone is different, so make it work. Make something for everyone to make sure everyone’s plate is full. Whether you’re part of the clean eating brigade or like me, a doughnut lover, my recipes are crafted for everyone, particularly those who want variety. From Breakfast Spreads to show stopping Festive Spreads, food is generosity – and that’s a baliboosta spread.


My Pick & Mix 

My spreads provide a template that can be reworked depending on your occasion. Subscribe to save the recipes and create your own pick ‘n’ mix.

Who is Ali?

Baliboosta, founded by Ali Alt, 27 year old, born & raised in central London, with a love of food, and a love of sharing this food with those she loves. Ali studied philosophy at Kings College London, prior to a law conversion at the University of Law, qualifying from Linklaters in 2016.

My desire to start Baliboosta, has been bubbling for some time. Whilst training to be a lawyer,  I spent any spare moment thinking about that night’s recipe, tomorrow’s tupperware filler or my weekend brunch menu. I realized, I was building up a rather hefty database of recipes, and should share, not hoard.  Following in the footsteps of Nigella, I am not a chef, I have no professional training, ‘I am an eater, I cook what I want to eat’ – within limits. But, my recipes are well tested, crafted to be utilised for those on-the-go, basic skill sets & for those with a desire to go back to basics, wholesome, hearty, healthy food, which doesn’t rule prescribe to the latest eating mantra.