Last week I hit the ripe old age of 28. With two years to go, before I reach the 30 milestone, I have relinquished the terrifying pre-thirty crises. How? I have decided that my questionably low-cut tops and ridiculously short skirts are here to stay (it’s called Forever 21, not 21). Certain that life doesn’t end at the turning of decade, I have not only accepted my fate, but embraced it. My 27th year was a wonderful whirlpool – probably my best year yet (I am sure year 1 was pretty sweet, food on call, tits in your face, constant attention – hence, I have to say probably). 27: I left my job as a stable successful corporate lawyer to follow my foodie dream, fell more in love than I thought was imaginable, got engaged, and … I haven’t got another one. But the first two are pretty decent. 28, bring it on!

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