My hankering for the humble cauliflower has bugger all to do with the clean-eating brigades most recent campaign – ‘Cauliflower is The New Kale’. Whilst I am delighted to dethrone kale from its healthy hierarchy and replace it with a palatable vegetable that is just as ‘good-for-you’, it is not cauliflowers superfood-like qualities that excite me, this is merely coincidental.

Having escaped mouthfuls of watery florets and floury béchamel as a child, for me, cauliflower has never been broccoli’s banausic cousin. Instead, my parents Friday night table overflowed with bowlfuls of oozing cauliflower cheese, crunchy crisp gratin and roasted heads coated in lashings of tahini. I was one of the lucky ones. As such, I was not waiting for a rebrand.

Whole, floreted, pureed, grained, grated, mashed, or shaved, cauliflower is ridiculously versatile and receptive to a myriad of flavours, spices and cooking techniques. So, whether you are part of the health squad, or, like me, a lover of all things delicious, I implore you to join the Cauliflower Cult, whatever your incentive. For some cauliflower inspiration, head to my spread.