Let’s just say my upbringing was somewhat Jew-“ish”. Friday night dinners with servings of shellfish, infrequent trips to ‘temple’, and of course, we celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah! Following in the footsteps of Seth Cohen, ‘Chrismukkah’ was born. What a perfect mash-up, latkes and turkey, challah and Christmas pudding, what more could you want?

Eight nights of presents AND stockings for Father Christmas to fill. YES.

To me, Chrismukkah isn’t representative of a religious festival, it is a CELEBRATION. It is a time for generosity, family, love, friendship, and of course, FOOD. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu (I could go on), the essence of Chrismukkah should be celebrated by all.

My Chrismukkah spread takes the best out of both feasts, combining flavours and ingredients to create, fun, unusual and delicious dishes.

  1. Sexy Salmon Spread
  2. Meat & Trimmings Spread 
  3. Deadly Desserts Spread