Happy Eastover! Mrs. easter egg has met Mr. matzah and yet again, I have found the perfect excuse to merge two holy holidays and indulge in all of their delicious delights! Easter & Passover (just in case you were still confused). Coming this week will be my Passover Sweet Spread, 3-Way Egg Spread AND my Easter Sweet Shop Bark! Holy Shit, even I may be full after this weeks cooking and eating! Let’s just say, #wedshred is on pause and regardless, its eastover, calories don’t count!

When I showed my BFF these pictures, her response, “What is behind your head? A giant cracker? Huh?” Brilliant. So, to add some further clarity, that giant cracker is what we jews nosh on, Matzah. It may look like your average water biscuit, but trust me, it puts a Carr’s cracker to shame. Best served with questionable slathering’s of butter and a dollop of marmite.

Now, given that it is Eastover, I think it’s the prime time to bring out a classic in my cupboard, my yellow Chloe coat. I bought this 5 years ago and I think I love it a little more each year. To me, a colourful coat is like a LBD – a necessity. Sadly (for you), my coat is no longer available… however, I have done some scouring and found 3 top yellow coats for this Spring, shop my top 3 below! One more point to add, how great is my Ryan Roche hat! Bought it in a tiny boutique in the East Village, NYC and I can’t stop wearing it! Think it’s rather fitting for Eastover, as it makes me look a little rabbi like? No?! #controversial

Top Spring Yellow Coats



  1. Yellow Coat, Chloe: £2,800 (No longer In Stock) (chloe.com)
  2. Hat, Ryan Roche: £320 (No Longer In Stock) (ryan-roche.com)
  3. Easter Egg, The Chocolate Society: £25.00 (chocolate.co.uk)
  4. Matzah, Rakusen’s: £1.20 (ocado.com)