Halloumi. I’m a massive fan. Nothing beats sinking your teeth into a freshly barbequed slice of this squeaky, salty, semi-hard cheese. Its somewhat sturdy texture and unami-like flavour lend itself to versatility and experimentation in the kitchen! Inventive ways to cook halloumi…

  • Halloumi Fries

So EASY to make. All you need is a sharp knife, dusting of flour and piping hot pan. Fantastic alternative to classic fries, I mean, who doesn’t like deep-fried cheese?!

  • Halloumi Toastie

My love for an oozing, golden cheese toastie has continued to blossom. My new found favourite is Sabrina Ghayour’s genius invention – halloumi, harissa and honey.

  • Halloumi Omlette

Whilst I do love mountains of melty cheese in my morning omelette, slices of stiff halloumi can be a rather satisfying alternative.