Let’s be totally clear, firstly, I am no way going ‘green’ or worse still, ‘clean’.

Secondly, whilst I am completely aware of the dangers of fad diets and detoxes, I am sucker for a juice cleanse. Why? Honestly, it’s not because I am concerned about the processed foods inside my gut, or a burning desire to feel energised… I am a curvy 20 something year-old, with a rather slow metabolism and a desperate desire to shed 5 pounds before the weekend. This is quite difficult when my day job now consists of conjuring up recipes. By ‘quite difficult’ I mean, bloody impossible. Cue the juice cleanse.

I have tried most of London’s juicy offerings, Plenish, Press, Imbibery… the list goes on. My favourite without a doubt is the Greens Cleanse by Radiance.

Day 1, the first fridge opening is the hardest. The realisation that you won’t be chewing for 3 days.  Fuck. That said, kicking things of with 500ml of Power Greens is actually pain-free.  Who would think that cucumbers, pears, celery, lemons, wheatgrass and spinach taste good? It honestly does.

By midday of day 2, I was beginning to get hangry and almost caved. My sweet cravings were calling… but then comes juice 3 the Cashew Milk. Savouring every glug, this juice is totally delicious and filling. In my opinion, the best nut milk on the market.

Day 3, almost over, I begin to enjoy every juice more and am no longer feel hangry. I even manage to sweat my ass of at a spinning class and don’t faint. Winning. The night comes, I hit the scales, and have shred over 5 pounds, my skin is glowing and I actually do feel energised.

The 5 Juices

Power Green: Cucumbers, Pears, Celery, Lemons, Wheatgrass, Spinach

Pure Greens 3: Cucumbers, Kale, Lemon, Spinach, Parsley

Cashew Milk: Water, Cashews, Maple Syrup, Coconut Butter, Himalayan Pink salt

Vital Green: Cucumbers, Apple, Lime, Spinach, Parsley

Pure Greens 4: Cucumber, Celery, Broccoli, Kale, Lemon Ginger

Ok, it’s not cheap (£199 for 3 days), but, it is worth it.

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