For far too long I faced the all too familiar Sunday night blues. Swamped on the sofa, eating my sorrows with bowlfuls of leftover dessert, filled with pangs of anxiety, as my thoughts succumbed to the dread of trudging into work. Monday morning, the start of a new week – fuck. Monday was certainly NOT a fun day. In fact, it used to be an awful day, as my count down to the weekend began again.

September 2016, something had to be done. I left law to follow my foodie passion and have not looked back (slight exaggeration, there are certain aspects I miss – namely, stilettos). I am not insinuating that by changing your career you will suddenly be free of all Sunday blues and Monday sadness – however, if you, like me, have a strong desire to do something, do it and it may help! My Sundays and Mondays are now somewhat different… no longer do I live for the weekend. The weekend merges into the week and Monday is just another FUNDAY.

Something I’m still working on, my ‘work from home wardrobe’… So used to corporate clothing – correction, CHIC corporate clothing (nothing beats a banging pant suit and pair of Jimmy Choo’s) I found home work wear slightly problematic. Pyjamas? Gym kit? Dressing Gown? NO. The key to productivity – get dressed properly, but make it comfortable. This humble hoodie dress is wonderfully cosy and great reminder that I am lucky to smile come Monday morning.

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