In my early twenties, staying in on a Saturday night left me riddled with a fear of missing out. Yes, FOMO. Side note, I hate certain acronyms – LOL, what is LOL?! You’re not laughing out loud. Liar. YOLO on the other hand, excellent acronym. Anyway, back to Saturday night. Coming towards 30, I now LOVE staying in on Saturday nights. I’m not advocating eating shit on your sofa alone every weekend, however, once in a while, it’s ideal (besides eating actual shit, don’t do that).  What could be better, homemade pizza, a bowl of chunky monkey ice cream, comfortable clothing, no makeup and in my case, back-to-back episodes of Veep. It’s OK to spend a night with the boys – Ben and Jerry, that is.

The first thing I do when I get home is take of my trousers.  I sometimes do it when I’m still wearing a coat. My fiancee thinks I am attempting to come on to him, I’m not. I just refuse to buy bigger trousers and need to breath. LOL. That said, the MOM jean is a great home trouser – comfortable and cool. A rare description. Here is my perfect Saturday night ‘outfit’ (if I’m not naked/wearing a dressing gown that is). MOM jeans coupled with the softest TOPSHOP fleecy jumper and my perfect pom pom sliders. I LOVE pom poms. Of course, who doesn’t. These ZARA sliders make home life damn chic.


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  1. MOM Jeans, TOPSHOP: £55.00 (
  2. Grey Jumper, TOPSHOP: £36.00 (
  3. POM POM Sliders, Zara: £29.99 (