Cupids arrow has struck, Valentines Day is upon us. Dinner in or out? Well, option 1: …brimming with excitement you cake your makeup on, drag your spanks up and head into the cold. Upon arriving at your romantic restaurant of choice, you wait in line, 2 by 2, as the maitre de attempts to seat each starving couple. 20 minutes passes, you sit. Not alone. Tables rammed, sipping your ‘free’ glass of house champagne (i.e. ‘we’ve raised the price of the food to make up for the freebies’) you attempt to scream over the ‘love’ chatter to your left and right. I could go on… but, to sum up, a) inflation b) miserable staff c) mediocre food and d) overcrowding.

Option 2:…  Barry White blasting, you pour 2 glasses of wine and put the oven on. Easy. Whack your lamb shanks in, light a candle, run a bath and soak. Dressing gown? No clothes? Your prerogative. Camaaaaan. Stay Home. Is there an option? Bottom line, if you love your partner or yourself, cook on Valentines Day.

Here is my V-Day menu, so easy to make. Food to get you in the mood.

1. Harissa Scallops & Celeriac Tahini Puree
2. Kohlrabi, Basil & Truffle Salad
3. Spiced Moroccan Lamb Shanks
4. Cauliflower & Preserved Lemon Tabbouleh
4. Rose Water Rhubarb Heaven