Easter is the perfect time to indulge in a little festive chocolate eating. Now, I don’t know how you feel on the subject – but I like variety. Therefore, I would much rather purchase several different types of mini eggs, rather than one large easter egg. Furthermore, mini eggs are basically fat free, how can they not be, they are so little…Therefore, I fully advocate purchasing at 2 types of mini eggs to get you through this bank holiday weekend. What I have done here is find you my top LUX mini eggs and also my top SUPERMARKET mini eggs… starting with the spenny eggs, here are my faves…


1. Amelia Rope, Mini Easter Egg Sticks  £9.99 (ameliarope.com)

Amelia Rope’s chocolate is possibly my favourite. Why? She adds the perfect amount of sea salt, the chocolate is never too sweet, the flavour combinations are ingenious and her packaging is stunning. These mini eggs, out of the lot listed below, are the best. You can get purchase a dark chocolate stick or a pale stick (with lemon and sea salt & honeycomb), both are worth a try.

2. Rococo, Salted Caramel Superior Seagull Eggs  £10.95 (selfridges.com)

Salted caramel ganache covered in milk chocolate with a fine sugar shell… sound good? Well they are. I love that fine sugar crunch which leads to a gooey delicious centre. Great eggs, but after 6 you feel a little sick. My fault. Not theirs.

3.Maison Du Chocolat, Praline Mini Egg Tube £33.00 (maisondu.com)

Dreamy, creamy, nutty and delicious. Maison du Chocolat has created a little gem of heaven.

4. Lakrides, Chocolate Coated Liquorice (300g) £26.99 (selfridges.com)

When I first tried these eggs I made the false assumption that they were chocolate, just chocolate. These little black balls are not, they are liquorice coated in a very think layer of chocolate. Thankfully, I happen to love liquorice. If you don’t, don’t go there.

5. Daylesford, Blue Legba Eggs £15.00 (daylesford.com)

These milk chocolate half eggs are a little bigger than the rest… mini max eggs. They are filled with smooth hazelnut chocolate and are perfect for indulging!



1. Cadbury Mini Eggs, £1.00 (jdwilliams.com)

A classic. Has to be done.

2. Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs, £1.00 (ocado.com)

I used to love these. I still like them.. but they are very sweet, be warned.

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Eggs, £1.00 (ocado.com)

Love oreos. Love these.

4. Galaxy, Golden Eggs, £1.29 (ocado.com)

Crunchy golden balls… a winner.