I struggle with Valentines Day. On the one hand, it’s total bollocks – “the one day of love”. Need I say more. If you are single, you are made to feel lonely and if your’e in a relationship, you are forced to splash out on extravagant gifts, squeeze into your spanks and overpay for crappy food in an overrated restaurant.

On the other hand, pink in my favourite colour and why wouldn’t I indulge in a little festive sweet/chocolate eating. Any excuse. Therefore, I fully advocate purchasing at least one sweet treat, for yourself, or your other half. Furthermore, I would strongly recommend staying home this Valentines Day, cooking and wearing nothing. Better.

Here are my top V-Day treats…

You Are My Lobster
Biscuiteers, You Are My Lobster, £16.95 (https://www.biscuiteers.com/)

“Lobster” – refers to the person of whom another is meant to be with forever (if you didn’t know that, watch Friends immediately). This biscuit is massive, which somewhat justifies the extortionate price tag.The icing isn’t too thick and the biscuit perfectly crumbles. I dipped mine in a cup of tea and was in heaven.

Fairy Floss
Pariya, Pashmak Rose, £10.99 (selfridges.com)

Flavoured with rose water, this unique Persian candy floss is meltingly moreish. That is, if you like the taste of rose water. I happen to love it. Great to eat on its own, or better still as a sprinkle on roasted fruits (check out my Roasted Rhubarb Heaven).

English Rose
Amelia Rope, Pale Rose Edition 01 39%, £5.60 (ameliarope.com)

Dreamy, creamy, delicate and subtly flavoured with rose (sorry, I’m stuck on more rose water – it’s Valentines Day FFS, it’s allowed).

Hot Lips
Nila Holden, Hot lips, £6.99 (http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/)

Fun, crunchy vanilla biscuits. Not quite as tasty as the Biscuiteers, but still worth a chew.

Marshmallow Me
Cocoba, Mini Marshmallows Milk Chocolate, £3.50 (https://www.cocobachocolate.com/)

I ate the whole bloody bar. I felt naughty, but good. Real good. Kid-like, indulgent but surprisingly not too sweet. This Belgian chocolatier is brilliant – I would also recommend their hot chocolate. Yum.

Babe, He’s Mine
Rococo Chocolates, Jello Love Babes 225g, £3.95 (https://www.rococochocolates.com/)

This is no ordinary jelly baby. The fundamental reason being, these babes are not too sweet. Juicy, fruity and fresh, just like me babe. Hahaha (it’s important that I find myself funny).

Champagne Truffle
Charbonnel et Walker, Pink Marc Champagne Truffles 34g, £6.00 (http://www.charbonnel.co.uk)

Disclaimer – I don’t like alcohol in chocolate. In fact, I think it’s disgusting. Therefore, I am not going to pretend and say these were absolutely delightful. They weren’t. However, if you do like alcohol in chocolate, I am sure you will love these. I say I am sure.. I have no idea.