The countdown is on… 3 weeks to the London wedding, 5 weeks to the Mykonos hen and 16 weeks to the GREEK ISLAND FULL ON BIG DAY. Despite being a fairly relaxed person, there are moments when Bridezilla comes creeping in. Why? From the guest list, to invites, to the wedding website to the wedding registry list, there are times when the wedmin gets a tad too much. Admin, coupled with the fact that I am attempting to wedshred means I have moments of a severely HANGRY BRIDEZILLA. All I can say is thank GOD for wedding planners.  That would be my biggest piece of advice – if you are planning to have a wedding for over 150 people, get a planner!

That said, there are some things that the wedding planner cannot do, mainly, the dreaded list. Trying to chase people down to get postal addresses has become the bane of my life. Firstly, why don’t people fucking RSVP? So annoying. Secondly, the best response I got to a postal address request, via email might I add, was a response with their email address written out below. I mean… mug.

What you will need to complete a successful wedmin session (1) comfortable pants – I would advise mom jeans (2) a large diary – the smythson portabello diary has saved my life, (3) a large sweatshirt; and (4) lots of caffeine.




What makes wedmin better, wedding shopping. I have basically used my wedding as an excuse to to buy anything. NOT IDEAL. Particularly, anything white. I will be adding a Wedding Boutique Soon, so you can see all of my silly purchases!